[December 29, 2023] Tonner Drones Publishes Half-Year Results

[December 19, 2023] New board member appointment

[November 28, 2023] End of Olivier Chouraqui's term of office


[October 30, 2023] Publication of the 2023 half-year results and financial report postponed

[October 4, 2023] Delta Drone Changes its Name to Tonner Drones as Shareholders Approve All General Meeting Resolutions

[September 27, 2023] Delta Drone Signs Purchase and Sale Agreement with Techaviacom

[September 19, 2023] UK patent granted for Recoil Elimination Technology

[August 17, 2023] OTT Heritage and Courcelette Holdings become reference shareholders with 32% of the share capital

[August 3, 2023] Delta Drone Moves to Cannes

[July 20, 2023] Delta Drone Adds Military Drones to its Core Business and Proposes Name Change to Tonner Drones

[July 18, 2023] Delta Drone Secures € 1 million in Funds Through Shareholder Loan

[June 27, 2023] Delta Drone Enters into New Securities Purchase Agreement with Yorkville

[June 8, 2023] Reprise de la cotation des actions Delta Drone

[June 7, 2023] Delta Drone met fin au financement existant d’ORNANs à prix variable et conclut deux nouveaux financements

[June 7, 2023] Assemblée Générale Annuelle du 5 juin 2023 - Mise en place de la réorganisation

[June 2, 2023] Cession de 11,20 % de la participation dans Donecle

[May 24, 2023] Delta Drone conclut un nouveau financement avec un groupe d’investisseurs

[May 24, 2023] Delta Drone continue sa réorganisation et conclut un accord global avec un groupe d’investisseurs

[May 18, 2023] Première cotation des actions Delta Drone (ALDR/FR001400H2X4) et ajustement des caractéristiques des valeurs mobilières donnant accès au capital

[May 16, 2023] Cession de Delta Drone Human Tech et de ses filiales opérationnelles

[April 24, 2023] Mise à disposition du rapport annuel financier 2022

[April 17, 2023] Les comptes 2022 traduisent la modification en profondeur de l’organisation de Delta Drone

[April 14, 2023] Lancement des opérations de regroupement des actions composant le capital social | Suspension de l’exercice des valeurs mobilières donnant accès au capital

[April 4, 2023] Regroupement des actions composant le capital social

[March 10, 2023] Tirage d’une tranche d’ORNAN

[March 3, 2023] Fermeture de la filiale Delta Drone Engineering à Nantes

[March 2, 2023] Annulation des Bons d’Emission et ORNAN existants et émission de nouveaux Bons d’Emission et nouvelles ORNAN en remplacement

[February 22, 2023] Emission de BSAE complémentaires en vue de l’equitization des obligations simples émises les 15 juillet et 15 septembre 2022

[February 6, 2023] Delta Drone and Sichuan AEE Aviation Technology sign Exclusive Distribution Agreement

[February 2, 2023] Minutes of the Combined Shareholders' Meeting of January 27, 2023 and reduction of the nominal value of the shares

[January 17, 2023] Disposal of the balance of the shares held in the capital of Delta Drone International

[January 3, 2023] Half-year review of the liquidity contract entrusted to TP ICAP (Europe)

[January 2, 2023] Entering into an amendment to the trust agreement


[December 29, 2022] Delta Drone SA Confirms Partial Sale of DLT Shares

[November 14, 2022] First ISS SPOTTER® Automatic contract signed abroad – General status

[September 30, 2022] A first half of 2022, in development, primarily dedicated to preparing for tomorrow’s success

[September 15, 2022] Delta Drone continues its reorganization, issues a second tranche of OS and performs a new phase of ORNAN

[August 11, 2022] Delta Drone International signs contract with Assmang’s Khumani Iron Ore for Drone Data Services

[July 25, 2022] Strong increase of revenues in the first half of 2022

[July 22, 2022] Half-year balance sheet of the liquidity contract entrusted to Louis Capital Markets

[July 18, 2022] Delta Drone specifies its organization and carries out a bond issue

[June 29, 2022] Donecle acquires dronetix to have a complete offer of aeronautical inspection by drone

[June 27, 2022] Countbot is to carry out the annual inventory of a L’Oréal international distribution center

[10 Juin 2022] Tirage d'une tranche d'ORNAN 1 M€ de valeur nominale

[June 8, 2022] Delta Drone International signs 3-year contract with RED 5 LIMITED subsidiary for drone services

[May 25, 2022] First listing of Delta Drone shares combined (ALDR / FR0014009LPO) and adjustment of the characteristics of BSA Y and other securities

[May 10, 2022] Drawing of a tranche of ORNAN of €2.5 million in nominal value and significant reduction in potential dilution

[April 25, 2022] Delta Drone and Volatus Aerospace declare the lapse of their agreement signed on 4 March 2022

[April 19, 2022] Consolidation of Delta Drone shares to support a new stock market dynamic and reduce the volatility of the stock 

[April 15, 2022] Suspension of the exercise of the BSAY in the context of the operations of consolidation of the shares of the company Delta Drone

[April 6, 2022] Consolidation of the shares composing the share capital

[March 31, 2022] FY 2021: Delta Drone continues its development while having many high-value assets strengthening its financial situation

[4 mars 2022] Delta Drone et Volatus Aerospace Corp. créent un groupe leader du secteur des drones, présent sur tous les continents

[February 28, 2022] Drawdown of 1 tranche of ORNAN of €0.5M of nominal value

[January 31, 2022] Growth momentum continues several structuring steps for the future have been taken successfully

[January 28, 2022] Drawdown of 1 tranche of ORNAN of €1M of nominal value

[January 28, 2022] Delta Drone international sells parazero il for an amount of 6M AU$

[January 24, 2022] Financial Agenda 2022

[January 6, 2022] Bilan semestriel du contrat de liquidité confié à TP ICAP (Europe)

[January 6, 2022] Delta Drone strengthens its device dedicated to ISS SPOTTER® solutions, with the arrival of Laurent Rozewicz, Colonel of the French Air Force and Space